What’s Up Wednesday

The biggest what’s up is that it less than a week until the release of Falling For You, an anthology of autumn romances set in small towns. Ten novellas from ten Harlequin Superromance writers for 0.99 if you pre-order!

My novella in the anthology is “Finding Harmony” a story of second chances. Harmony Jenkins has returned to her Western North Carolina hometown of Jericho Falls after swearing she’d never return. Drew Hampton took the job of Fire Chief in the small town in a desperate attempt to save his career as a firefighter after suffering from PTSD after an incident on his last job.

Neither of them are where they want to be but are beginning to learn they are exactly where they need to be.

When assigned to run a game for the town’s Fall Festival they are thrown into close proximity. A situation in which Harmony finds herself struggling against her attraction to Drew and her realization that this small town isn’t as horrible as she thought it was.

When Drew learns that Harmony has never been bowling before, he takes her to a nearby town to give it a try.

Her heart began to beat a little faster as she joined him. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her. “What are…?”

He was standing right behind her. Right there. She could feel the warmth of him. “Grip it tightly,” he said.

He was too close. She could feel his breath on her neck when he spoke. Grip it tight. The perpetually twelve year old in her brain wanted to start giggling. Oh, yeah. Grip that ball. She bit the insides of her cheeks to keep the giggles away.

“Focus,” he said. His hand covered hers where her fingers had a death grip on the ball.

Yeah. No. Focus on bowling has been cancelled. We’re moving on to focusing on how much I want you to nibble on my neck right now. “I’m trying,” she said, her voice a little breathless because that whole neck nibbling idea had short circuited her brain.

With a gentle push of his hand, he helped her lift the ball. “That front pin, that’s where you want the ball to hit.” One hand went to her hip while the other moved to lightly hold her wrist. He could start nibbling there and work his way up to her neck. “Then step, step…” He pulled her arm down and back. “Now hold on tight.”

Her head was spinning. She was trying to listen but dear God. He was right there. His hands on her. If she took a half step back, she’d be nestled right up against that body. That tall, muscly, warm body. Shaking her head slightly, she tried to concentrate. He pushed on her hip.

“When you release, pivot your hip this way. But keep your eye on that front pin.”

He stepped back and she swayed a bit in the sudden absence. Holy cats. Who knew bowling was so sexy? It took her a moment to compose herself. She hoped it looked like she was focusing on that damned front pin and not trying to tamp down on her raging hormones.

She took a breath and rolled again. Better. She didn’t drop it this time. Her ball rolled slowly down the aisle, veering left at the last minute to take out two pins.

“Very good,” Drew cheered. “Great first throw.”


We are having a month long Facebook party, Octoberfest Falling for You Celebration,  drop by, ask to join and begin winning prizes and having fun all month long!

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