Welcome to my bright and shiny new author page. Many thanks to my wonderful and talented friend, Heather Solos of Feed Blitz for her assistance (okay, she did everything. I only plugged in my credit card number when she told me to).

Since I am freshly psyched up after the amazing Romance Writers of America’s national conference in New York City, I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments with you.

First, I got to meet my amazing team at Harlequin Superromance. Everyone was so helpful, from the marketing team to the editorial staff to the talented writers. They made me feel welcome and answered all my questions, no matter how silly.

This year was a long line of firsts for me. My first time in New York City. My first conference as a contracted author. My first time getting to attend the legendary Harlequin Ball. And yes, it *IS* everything you dreamed it to be and more.

But my favorite memory has to be after the Ball, my date Amanda Cinelli (the 2014 SYTYCW winner) and I….don’t we look marvelous, darling?

11760228_1467896326840524_951381810843404734_nWe had such an amazing time. And Harlequin is so generous with the libations. I’m sure we were an amazing sight to see at 1 a.m. crossing Broadway in our ball gowns and Harlequin socks. It’s all a bit hazy, lost in laughter and chicken tenders. Our waiter and I bonded over our fur babies and we shared pictures. Amanda had her first taste of good old fashioned greasy fried chicken and “chips”.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect night and I’m so glad I got to share it with my new Irish friend.

What about you? What was your favorite RWA15 moment?



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  1. The new website looks great, Janet. So pleased to hear about your Harlequin contract. How exciting for you. Congratulations. And yes, you look marvelous, dahling! Simply marvelous.

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