Wandering in Strange Places

I am fortunate to be able to travel. Not grand adventures to far away, exotic locations, but I manage to get around the U.S. of A. I highly recommend it. Even if it’s just exploring your own town or a nearby city.

Recently, The Fella attended a convention in Washington, DC. DC is one of my favorite places, but the two other times I’d been there were very short, overnight stays. This time, I had three entire days to wander.

Walking the streets, riding public transportation is dialogue heaven for a writer. Like this little bit of perfection The Fella overhead. A homeless man was trying to return something in a store and the clerk was having trouble explaining to the man why he couldn’t. The homeless man was arguing with her.

“I tell you something. You need to get some kind of life. Pretty girl like you? Miss Cutie on Duty?” Pure gold. The rhythm of the words. The turn of a phrase. Writers need to be constant eavesdroppers.

First, I wandered to the museums, because FREE. There I remembered our past. Learned of the struggles of others. Was amazed. And amused.

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I was also humbled. Moved to tears. Reminded of our responsibilities.

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But it wasn’t all learning and remembrance. There was fun. Spent a sunny, cool morning at the National Zoo. FREE!

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Went by the people’s House. *note: don’t joke with the Secret Service, they have their senses of humor surgically removed as part of their training*


And, well, I *am* a romance writer, so…hot DC cops.

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Where is your favorite place to wander?

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