Art and Avondale

Avondale has a special little bit of my heart. It’s a small oasis of art and nostalgia and good food where Magnolia Road meets Savannah Highway. In the 1970s, if I couldn’t find my grandfather, I only had to go a few more blocks to the Krispy Kreme donut shop where he’d be gathered with friends, playing checkers and drinking coffee.

The donut shop is gone now but the Avondale area has blossomed over the years.

11037551_1457080314588792_1107795633620779091_nIt’s also the epicenter of an amazing collection of ever changing art, thanks to the ChART Initiative.

When choosing a location for Sadie, Spying on the Boss’s heroine, I chose the Avondale area. Several scenes take place in the restaurants there: Triangle Char & Bar, Mellow Mushroom, Gene’s Haufbrau.

11692742_1457080294588794_2735947071223672130_nBut the main draw for me is behind the funky shops and restaurants. You need to slip down one of the alleys to find the real gems of Avondale.

11709562_1457080481255442_1572314909547945550_nThe artists range from well known to anonymous graffiti taggers. The ChART initiative gets these budding artists involved and mentors them in developing their skills.

11666134_1457087524588071_8941300095957764352_nIf you are ever in Charleston, take a short drive west of the mighty Ashley River. Have lunch at one of the restaurants and take a walk for some amazing, free art.