Sunday Reads

I’ve been trying to catch up on my TBR. A never ending struggle. I’m one of those weird people who read more than one book at a time. They are all over the place. In the living room. In the bedroom. In my work bag. Everywhere.

Currently splitting my attention between Victoria Helen Stone’s “Half Past”  and a re-read of Alice Hoffman’s “Practical Magic”

Recently completed and highly recommended reads:

Alyssa Cole’s “An Extraordinary Union”

This a new to me author and this book brought me back to reading historical romance. Historicals were  my favorite to read while I was writing because I tend to pick up other contemporary writer’s voices if I read and write at same time. But I got tired of dukes and ladies. This is a refreshing change. Great writing, characters I really cared about and wanted to see get their HEA.

Deanna Rayburn’s Veronica Speedwell Mystery, “A Curious Beginning”.

I don’t know why it took me so long to begin this series, other than *pointed look at my TBR*. They are delightful and wicked funny. Love seeing a woman with today’s feminist sentiments living her best life in 1880’s England.

Piper Huguley’s ” A Virtuous Ruby” from her Migrations of the Heart series.

Any book with a nurse in it is going to get me to pick it up and check it out. (How do you think I got hooked on Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series). This was a find from when I went searching for American historicals set in unusual (for me) time periods after reading the Alyssa Cole book above. Set in 1915 Georgia, this is the tale of an African American community trying to attain the American dream in the shadow of Jim Crow. Captivating characters and a beautifully told story.

So, what are y’all reading?

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