Sunday Reads

I have to admit that I finished zero books this week. I’m making steady progress on Victoria Helen Stone’s Half Past. Tension is rising beautifully. There’s a sexy, sexy, sexy silver fox Gabriel.  I also took the audible plunge so I could listen to books while crocheting, combining my two favorite de-stressing activities into one. Grabbed Stone’s Evelyn After on audible for $1.99. Great deal!


Mostly, I’ve been plotting the first book in what I hope becomes a romantic suspense series. Which means I’m reading things like this. The series will focus on an agency that provides protection for women who have violent exes or stalkers.

And since I am plotting that means Gwen Hayes’ Romancing the Beat is at my side.  I’m pretty much a pantser, but editors still want a darned synopsis. So I use this book and its “beats” to build my synopsis and give me a general idea of where the story is headed.

What’s good that you’re reading this weekend?


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