Sending Your Baby Into the World

My veteran author friends tell me this feeling will never really go away. You come to love your characters as you write them. Care for them, guide them through the challenges they face.

Then you send them out into the world.

As a debut author, the idea that people I don’t know are reading my book is both exciting and scary.

Exciting because this is why we write, to tell stories. To entertain. To inspire. To enlighten. Or even just to let someone have a small respite from the reality of their lives.

Scary because. Well, it feels to me the same way I felt when I watched my (then) teenage son back out of the driveway, driving by himself, alone, out into the world.

While I know everyone has different tastes in reading material and my book won’t be for everyone, just like a mother, it’s hard to let go and let Sadie and Wyatt make their own way out in the world.

But reviews like this help. A lot! Thanks Kathy Altman for the amazing review!

Book Cover Front

I think they’ll be just fine.

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