Release Date

We have a release date. January 1, 2016. And as I found out completely by accident, you can pre-order a Kindle version on Amazon.

I was being silly a few months ago and did an Amazon search for Spying on the Boss, knowing nothing was there.

Then, Friday evening, I was checking on an Amazon order and the search history popped up. So I clicked it. And, uh, there it was.

I scared Jason a little because I yelled at him to come here RIGHT NOW! But, you see, I’d worked the night before and not slept well that day, so it was entirely possible that I was hallucinating the entire thing.

But no. It’s there. I guess it’s really, really real now. Harlequin isn’t going to change their mind.

Next up, I’ll get the cover art. And we’ll have to think of something fun for that milestone.

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