Oh, The Tide is High

But we’re holding on. I was going to do a wonderful cover reveal post today. But Mother Nature decided to drop 20 or so inches of rain upon Charleston, SC. And since I live on a tidal creek, we have about oh, about three feet of water surrounding our house.

untitled (4)This was my backyard Saturday morning when I got home from working the night shift. No big deal. Creek has gotten up in the yard a couple of times since I’ve lived here.

untitled (5)This was my backyard Saturday afternoon when I woke up from my nap.

untitled (6)Yikes!!!

But then, the tide came in.

untitledSunday morning, the creek was playing with the second porch step. Our AC unit was underwater. But the water was still a few inches below the crawlspace vents.

Then the tide came back.

untitled (5)Now the water is all up in my grill and under the house. So far, no water is in house. We still have electricity. Low tide is coming. Next high tide is expected to crest a foot lower than this morning’s.

So. That’s where we are. Tomorrow if the water is down enough to drive the truck out, I will go to the hospital for my next three night shifts and just stay there until road is passable. Or I’ll wade out to the highway and have someone pick me up.

Stay dry my friends! Stay dry.


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