Living the Good Life

One of the best things about setting my books in Charleston is that I know the city so well. Very little research needed. Yay for lazy me!

But I got to add a little extra in for Book Three of The Cleaning Crew series. It’s Lena’s story. You’ll remember Lena from Book One. Sadie’s best friend. Successful, self-made woman.

I gave a couple of hints in that book about Lena. She drives a BMW. And at one point, she drives off in that BMW, heading to her “fancy condo downtown.”

Which is where I come in. See, I got to give Lena a life that is only a fantasy for me. Waterfront living in downtown Charleston.

I went on a little photo safari for you this afternoon.bridgeThis is the view of the Cooper River Bridge from the Waterfront Park Pier. Which is Lena’s backyard.

Next we have the Charleston City Art Gallery, where Matt and Lena have their first not-so-nice meeting:


And just in front of the Art Gallery is the famous Pineapple Fountain. This is where Lena has a chance encounter with Matt while he is out painting. They resolve their first disastrous meeting:

Pineapple fountain

And perhaps the real fantasy, for me, Lena’s condo building. Two doors down from the Art Gallery. I imagine her living on the third floor, sitting on the patio in the morning, sipping coffee, watching dolphins swim in the harbor. Sigh…such the life.


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